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Do you and your spouse split the bills of gynae visits, delivery fees/hosp fees. I don't mean being calculative but more like we both share the cost of the unborn child. Would like to hear your opinions.

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We use credit card to pay for the bills and monthly we just use joint account to pay for the bill since both of us are putting the same amount into our joint account monthly. There are times I use my own money to pay for the gynae bill as my hub always buy food for me especially when I was pregnant and craving for some food. Give and take I would say. By using joint account will save us the trouble to split the money at the end of the day which is too much of a hassle.

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For my case, husband pays all the bills and necessity, now our daughter is coming 2 year old, he still pays for everything..I’m working and do use my own money for daughter’s expenses too if husband is not with us during outings. Or whatever I wish to buy for daughter, I will use my own money as well. I’m not the kind who doesn’t believe splitting half the bills, we shouldn’t be so calculative with each other.

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My husband pays, and it is an agreement between us as his income is significantly higher. But we track our networth as a whole so it makes not much difference