Hi parents, could you share the type of YouTube channels you allow your kids (ages 0-7) to watch? How do you ensure they watch 'safe', high quality content and educational content?

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Hi my baby is only 9mo and I tried to avoid letting her watch YouTube or tv as much as possible. But easier said than done especially when there is no one to help you take care of them while you want to do some chores. So far I only let my gal watch Babies Can Read DVD . I understand these may not be effective in teaching them how to read as claimed but if I am going to let her watch something I might as well control what I let her watch and something more educational rather than plain cartoon. Recently my gal is on a diaper change and change clothes strike , she cries and cries and flips. I have resorted to letting her watch Hi Five song compilation as the tunes are catchy and make the mood happier for both her and me. That's all I am going to let her watch for now as long as I can. Barneys and Dora are also things I may let her watch in future but for the time being I am trying not to let her get hooked to YouTube or watching things from phone because phone is very mobile and follows us wherever we go. I am concerned she will be addicted to it. But DVD I fixed the timings for her to watch only twice a day when I need to eat my meals.

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Hello, I guess you can allow your kid to see cartoons on any informative programme on youtube channels provided that you are just around, and you know what the kid is watching. If you are not sure about your availability throughout in that room or area where the kid is watching, it is better not to allow the kid to see. See, if the internet is in order, you can never be sure that kid will watch what you have strictly allowed him to. Kids being kids, they will press hundred other buttons and can accidentally happen to see what they should not be. And things which are not decent for the kids to see if are seen can leave an impression on their minds. So, I wouldn't mind and myself let my 6 year old watch cartoons on youtube but only when I have the time to sit throughout to see what she is watching.

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Hey, No. I do not think you should inculcate the habit of watching anything on the Internet as such. It is better you put on television for them because even if you are monitoring what they are watching you never know what ad or what pops out on the screen and kid happens to have a glimpse of. I think there are a number of activities that one can engross the kid in, and if nothing make the baby go to sleep and take some rest than watching things on the Internet. I personally do not support kids being allowed to catch cartoon or any series on the Internet.

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My baby is 7 +months old. I have yet to introduce any tv/YouTube/dvd as research have shown that they are not beneficial to the children. When i on YouTube for nursery rhymes or music I Ensure that only the music is being heard. Totally no watching of the screen at all

If really needed, let them watch backyardigans, barney, fireman sam, dinosaur train. As much as possible it is not advisable. However i do know that it can be almost impossible when we need to get things done without help. Try to limit it.