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Is it worth buying those U-shaped maternity pillows? I’m starting to feel discomfort when I sleep. Would this pillow help? Or any other suggestions mummies?

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To he honest it depends on individual. As for me my previous 6 pregnancies never had to use it, but this 7th pregnancy just makes me uncomfortable at night so i bought 1 and it really helps. I bought the unilove nursing pillow, can be use as a pregnancy pillow and a baby lounger so it 3in1 definitely worth it. Was in my 20s for previous 6 pregnancies and this 7th pregnancy im in my 30s , i guess age is catching up.

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I bought one on my first pregnancy, it's great especially when tummy gets bigger, now on my 2nd pregnancy I want to reuse it again, but my 4yo daughter take it hostage in her room, she is using it, I guess it's quite comfortable for her also 😂 so i just use a flat pillow on my left side, and bolster on my right side ☺️

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Got myself a nursing pillow which is quite large and can be use for maternity pillow. Its very comfy and helpful where u can use it in so many ways but i still stick to my bolster at night to sleep as the bed is full of pillows and they end up on the floor next morning.

I initially thot i don't have to, so I tahan til now then buy... Im 21weeks now, backache n body ache intensify now ... Sleep on e back isn't comfortable at all n also im v worried of poor blood circulation, so i force myself to sleep on e sides... 😂

It is very worth buying. I bought mine and have been using ever since my early pregnancy until I am going to deliver soon. One side support your back (you will have less back pain) and another support your growing belly (means sleep longer at night).

i bought the one from Qoo10 but not comfy at all for my first pregnancy. tried king koil brand for second pregnancy, cost you like $$ but worth the investment and help me to sleep like baby until my 3rd trimester now.

I would suggest you to buy those normal pillow first to put at ur back and in between your legs and your tummy cause to me it really hepls even though i really couldn't afford to buy the maternity pillow

I used more bolsters and they help, and a small thin pillow under baby bump when sleeping sideways (on the left), not sure what to do with the u shape pillows therefore did not get them

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I bought it in my early pregnancy and i am still using it. Bought from Qoo10 for about $20 plus. Good investment so you can really consider. It supports my back and tummy well.

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Depends on individual. I did not buy the maternity pillows. I just use 1 pillow to support my tummy, 1 pillow to hug and 1 pillow for me to put in between my legs.