Tips on staying awake and energized at work

Hi mommies! Im at 5weeks gg to 6weeks and lately i find myself feeling tired & sleepy in the afternoon onwards like after 3pm. Any tips to share? Cos i dont want to get sleepy at work.😅 #pleasehelp #firstbaby #pregnancy

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Hello! Congrats on ur preg! It happened to me too, and there was once I slept for a total of 18 hours on a Saturday. I guess it’s normal since the body is preparing the placenta for the baby. Perhaps u could get a 15 mins nap if ur work allows. Otherwise can try to snack on some nuts to keep urself awake. Cheers (:

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Congratulations! Tbh, it’s hard to keep awake especially during first trimester.. I fell asleep when I was in office and I didn’t realise.. The best method for me was to keep having sour plum but i still sleep even was chewing it in my mouth 🤭

Eat healthily!! As long as the baby has enough nutrients you will feel less tired. I am feeling pretty ok still at 33weeks! I do plan my meal in advance, usually a serving of brocolli, salmon , avocado and kiwi!

To be honest it is normal and even necessary for healthy pregnancy, just rest whenever you can :)

it’s normal to feel like this.. go for a walk if have to

Thank you ❤️