Stretch Marks Saviour

Wondering what will be the best remedies to recommend to prevent / reduce stretch marks? By which stage should one start applying to have the best effect?

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Tulis jawapan

Actually we cant avoid stretch marks. it happen depend on our skin's elasticity. How elastic the skin when tummy getting bigger.. I start applying olive oil, petroleum jelly and lotion once I know I'm pregnant (never skip a day and keep applying frequently since I really afraid my tummy turns ugly😓) but still didnt works. it appear when I reach my 5 months. A friend of mine pregnant her 4th child n still dont have stretch marks. kinda jelaous.😅. but, even it cant be avoided, u still can reduce the scars by keep put on the moisturises (any product u choose. i suggest Palmer cocoa butter strecth mark lotion) atleast the strecth mark cant be uglier and itchy. ☺.. 1 more thing, dont scratch your tummy when it turns to be itchy. it can make stretch marks getting worst.

Baca lagi
4y ago

yup..apply asap. hihi the less u can do is to avoid the tummy become itchy.. hihi..if u scratch it, it will make the scar look unglier

I would like to suggest you to drink some herbs for the skin repairs. The best and in trend now is the bird nest soup. You also can get the drinks from watsons or guardian.

4y ago

Sure thing! 😊