Gynae recommendation for pregnancy with PCOS

Hi! Wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for a gynae who has more experience in dealing with PCOS? Or anyone who has PCOS and have a doctor to recommend? This is because if PCOS has higher risk of miscarriage, I'd like to consult a gynae who can guide me along better. Thanks in advance!!!

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I had pcos and just given birth to my lo in March 2021. I was consulting with dr chen lin han at Yishun (he will be at Mt A in the afternoon) as i was trying for a baby for a year but to no avail. I was diagnosed with pcos and prescribed with revosit to help with my pcos and Letrozole to help me ovulate. I was pregnant on jun 2019, however i gotten a miscarriage at week 11. To cut my story short, i continue to consult with Dr chen and gotten pregnant again with my rainbow baby in jul 2020 so good luck to you too!

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3y ago

His clinic is located at chongpang, it will be convinient if you stay around the area. It took me awhile to recover from the previous loss (both mentally and physically) but ultimately, we are strong minded and will move on. Anyway in the end i gotten emergency c sect and dr chen is really good with stitching up my wound. I can barely see the stitches. So i highly recommend him!

Hi Carol, how is ur pregnancy going now? Hope it's safe and smooth one. Could you please share which gynae you go to in the end? I am pregnant with PCOS, still in my 4 weeks, just found out that I'm pregnant after a day missed period.

depende po sa location nyo. Kung taga south ka I can recommend my OB to you sa La Salle sya may clinic.