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It is possible to beat PCOS naturally and get pregnant

A bit of a long story..sharing my own personal journey in battling PCOS. I've been plagued by PCOS ever since I was able to menstruate. Once, during Secondary School, I was menstruating for more than a month and that had freaked me out. I told my mom about it then and she sent me to a specialist right away. That's how I was first diagnosed with PCOS - in that consultation chair at Thomson Medical. Ever since then, I was given birth control pills (Diane35) to help me kickstart my menstruations otherwise I could go on for many months without a period. It had never bothered me then, since no period = more convenient. The only thing that bothered me most was the weight I seem to gain like nobody's business and the seeming impossibility of shedding it. Some effects of PCOS include weight gain, hirsutism (excessive hair growth..another bane of mine), acne, less chances of getting pregnant, greater risk of diabetes and cancer etc. Fast forward to 2019, my husband and I finally decided to actively try and conceive. We tried for about 6 months naturally to no avail, so we went to KKH for consultations (only reason for KKH is coz it's cheaper). We were ordered to do a whole hosts of tests (test to confirm PCOS, check if I have diabetes, check the health of my uterus and fallopian tubes...). Finally, we were put on Letrozole to help me ovulate. It didn't work. And my last appointment at KKH in Feb 2021, the doctor concluded that Letrozole wasn't working and started to recommend me IUI and IVF as alternatives. However, these methods went against my own personal beliefs, and I decided to no longer seek medical help for the time being as I felt I wasn't getting the support I needed. In mid 2020, I googled about possibilities of getting pregnant with PCOS and I stumbled upon a few websites that claim it was possible to find healing via natural ways. These include significant lifestyle changes, diet changes and supplements. Personally, I chose to follow the Facebook group as the owner Kym Campbell seemed like she has done a lot of research about the subject and she has also broken it down to simple achievable goals for others. What's more, she also has PCOS, and was able to conceive naturally. Reading through many of the posts in the Facebook group where women shared their struggles and success stories, I was immediately sold on it and felt right at home with these other ladies who are on the same journey. The 30 day challenge is free, and it opens every few months (follow the group to find out more). I didn't really follow the timeline strictly and just did it at my own timing. The key thing is to just keep at it - even if you slip and have cheat days every now and then, it's important to pick yourself up and continue. Because PCOS is linked with insulin resistance, it is then important to eat more conscientiously so as not to exarcebate the condition. There's a ton of science behind which I'm not going to attempt to explain, so check out the group to find out more. Here are the changes I made, bit by bit over a few months (pace yourself as well, because it can be too discouraging to change at one go): 1. Cut unhealthy carbs, only the occasional bread, pastry and pasta about maybe once a fortnight or a month. 2. Cut dairy (I thought this would be tough, but I immediately felt so much better without the diarrhea). Yes no milk or cheese. Choose almond, coconut or oat milk instead. Some people ask "then what about calcium?" You can still get calcium from leafy greens, brocolli, nuts and supplements as well. 3. Cut soy products (due to some hormone thing). This was painful for me because I love tofu. But fermented soy products like miso is fine. 4. Cut gluten. This, like dairy, is mostly due to sensitivity. I am sensitive to dairy, but I wasn't sure if I was sensitive to gluten. Besides, in Singapore, it's really hard to cut gluten since almost everything has gluten.. but just try to reduce as much as you can. 5. Cut alcohol. 6. Cut sugar. Very important. 7. Eat more fruits (but not the starchy ones like bananas). Blueberries are good for the antioxidants. 8. Eat more eggs. I am comforted by this because I love eggs. Feel free to experiment on different cooking styles. I love making chawanmushi :) 9. Eat more protein! Pack on the meat! Steak for breakfast! 10. Exercise more. Seriously. You don't have to go crazy and exercise everyday, but do exercise more (they recommend 5x30min sessions a week). I go running maybe 1-2 times a week, cycling 1-2 times a week and some statics at home 1-2 times a week. I know, I could have done more haha. 11. Take regular supplements. Do check with your physician first though. For me, I take folic acid, inositol, zinc, omega fish oil, apple cider vinegar and chromium. Do your research and seek medical advice. One of the benefits is that you will lose weight. Having PCOS usually means it's difficult to lose weight, and I've struggled with it for so long I never thought it was possible for me to lose more than 1-2 kg. I rarely weigh myself nowadays but I believe I have shed at least 5kg. The weight loss around the waistline is also visible as well. Another good thing is that it should also help with natural ovulation. And just yesterday, we did a pregnancy test and we found out that we are pregnant!!! ❤️ I believe it's God's faithfulness and also the biological effects of keeping to the lifestyle changes. Go cysters! The diagnosis is not a death sentence to your hopes of starting a family. It can be beaten! #pregnancy #pcos #beatpcosnaturally

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