Gynae reco for PCOS pregnancy

Hi ladies! I just tested positive and it's quite a shock to me since I have PCOS and have believed it would be hard to conceive. Still processing the news as it's an accident! Because of irregular periods I can't tell how far along I actually am and feel I should get get gynae check early on given higher risk of miscarriage. Does anyone have recommendations for gynaes who are experienced with PCOS pregnancies?

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maybe u want to consider Dr Chua Ka Hee from KKH. He specialises in IVF and does research projects for kkh for fertility health for more than 10 years. I'm a natural conceive patient under him as my hubby and I were helping out with kkh project. Very friendly and approachable and he knows his stuff. Now I'm on week 29, last trimester with a chubby boy in my tummy. And I can't wait to be delivered by Dr chua

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I also have pcos. I've been trying to conceive for 3 years, so I just went with a subsidy check-up with SGH. Found out i was pregnant and just continued there. Now, the second pregnancy is already due on Nov 23. My first born is only 11 months.

To check how far along maybe you can go to any private clinic that offers hcg blood test. Then go to polyclinic to get referral to hospital of your choice. Usually first scan will be around 7/8 weeks.

Hi I have PCOS too! Went to Dr Tho (Astra Specialist Jurong East) pre-pregnancy. After I found out I was pregnant I continued going to him for my checkups as he already knows my background 😊

OMG CONGRATSSSS!! U can try Dr. Chris Chong at Gleneagles. He is very experience and good

9mo ago

I heard so, he is quite popular. Once u go into his clinic, u can see all his news articles