Pregnant with PCOS

I read in article that those pregnant with PCOS medical history is at higher risk of developing pregnancy complications. I had a miscarriage at 7-8weeks early this year and was with SGH as a subsidized patient. I took test this morning and it's positive. I maybe in my 4weeks pregnant now. Should I go visit a gynae soon? I wonder anyone has any advice for me whether to go to high risk clinic at SGH or NUH? Thx in advanced!

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Congrats mummy! Anyway I’m diagnosed with PCOS too, and had a hard time conceiving this little one who’s in my tummy for the past 32 weeks now. For the high risk wise, i do have high risk of preeclampsia, and i had two bleeding, once in 1st trimester and once in 2nd trimester. But so far everything seems pretty stable. You may want to visit your gynae soon so that they can advise on the vitamins to take to strengthen your pregnancy and give u advise on dos and don’ts. And try not to be so stressed about it, cos it won’t do you and baby any good :) have a smooth and healthy pregnancy mummy! :)

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3y ago

As far as I’m aware, usually tcm and ang moh doctor medication cannot be mixed though. You may want to check with your tcm doctor before visiting hospital. Yes i was prescribed duphaston 3 times a day during the two bleeding, and i did get the progesterone jab as well to stabilize the pregnancy. My gynae slowly reduce the dose to once a day. I stopped taking it at week 30 only. As for preeclampsia risk, i was prescribed with low dose aspirin to be taken daily since 2nd trimester till now and shall stop at week 36. Anyway my gynae is from private clinic, Dr Lim Teck Chye. Hope this helps :)

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Hi, congratsss mom!! Im diagnosed PCOS also, and currently im 25weeks. If you want to get an exact answer from gynae, go visit ur gynae. Its surely exciting to get that happy news! :) but as my experience, when i found i pregnant 4 or 5week & try to make appointment with gynae, they still let me wait for the doctor availability schedule & turn out i visit gynae on 8week. Maybe you can try to go KKH. Furthermore, stay healthy & take care! Nothing is impossible.. ☺️

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3y ago

Just choose, which gynae ur comfortable with. ☺️yeahhh, just take suplement. Take care & hope ur pregnancy will smooth.. 🥰🙏🏻