PCOS and Polyps

I went to the gynae for a scan for prolong light bleeding and realised that there’s a uterine polyps. I am also suffering from PCOS. I would like to conceive so gynae recommended to remove the polyps and start Ovulation pills to assist in concieving. Wondering if anybody has similar experience as me (uterine polyps and PCOS) and still manage to conceive?

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Diagnosed w PCOS 2 years back & now I’m 31 weeks pregnant. I stopped smoking, stopped drinking alcohol, cut inflammatory food (sugar / caffeine) started to exercise and this one is important : Me and my Husband ate 1 tea spoon of maca powder DAILY. Got pregnant in 1.5 years :) Don’t lose hope.

I was diagnosed PCOS about 3 years ago. was very upset as heard how difficult it can get TTC. decided to just...take it easy n used preseed early Jan when we went for cruise. now about 4weeks along n gynae check up next week. have faith!

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I had PCOS, did a lot of checks, and also took hormones pill but not working for me. Gyne suggest for iui. I decide to put it on hold. And... Manage to pregnant after a mth of giving up. Exercise eat healthy to help PCOS. Relax as well.

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Hi! congratulations! sorry to interject, but I don't really know where to ask this. may I know if you can recommend your gynae? I have PCOS too and recently found out I'm pregnant. hence I'm hoping to find a suitable gynae who is knowledgeable about PCOS and can guide me along since I know with PCOS there is a greater risk of miscarriage. any recommendations will certainly help me a lot! thanks in advance!