Wives, do you still exert effort to get noticed by your husbands?

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In my case, not anymore. I just don't feel like exerting effort to look good just to be noticed. He would always tell me that I'm fine even with my house clothes, no make up, no nothing. I've tried several times before but it seems it's something that isn't a big deal for him so from then on, I'm just with my bare face/self all the time. I don't even put any make up even if when going out. I don't know if it is even right, but this has been our set up.

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Of course! My husband is not that difficult to please. Most of the time, he would notice me when I exert effort in cooking his favorite dishes for dinner especially when he comes home late from work. Simple gestures yet you exert all of your heart and sincerity to it -- that's what husbands would appreciate.

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You should still exert effort to get noticed by your husband, especially on special occasions. It's not bad to add a little effort to spice up the marriage. :)

Dress up for myself. For me to look and feel good. if he likes it then that’s bonus haha

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yes, everyday :)