Do your husbands...🤔

Just curious to your husbands also stop drinking alcohol at social gatherings (at home and outside) during your pregnancy cos you can't drink? 🍻 And do they 'accompany' you by similarly abstaining from eating stuff that we pregnant mummies shouldn't, such as sashimi? 🍣

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husband don't like sashimi & I don't drink alcohol so both don't have to abstain but he knows I love cold drinks & that's the only thing he stopped together with me cos he saw how unhappy I was when everyone kept telling me I shouldn't be drinking cold drinks

Yes my hubby didn’t went out with his friends and try to spend more time during this period. He reduce his smoking as well. For food.. he try to accommodate me but I told him is ok. Eat what he wants.

When he sees me puking buckets he wouldn't have the mood to go drinking. Lol. No need me to say much, he will automatically stop his late night drinking. But occasional kopi sessions r still fine.

I'm avoiding eating or drinking those which is not good for baby. But doesn't mean my other half can't enjoy them. Dont be upset about it. You can indulge them after birth 😊

no. never stop his social drinking with neighbours. but time shorten. I forbid him to eat things I cant eat or I dont like

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Yeah! Especially in front of me since I can't drink or have sashimi and I think that's very thoughtful :)

one person feeling miserable is enough.. why make the other person miserable as well? just saying...

I think he is trying to be respectful to you and that’s quite sweet of him!

he stopped going out but we still had gathering at home.