My wife and I agreed that we weren't ready to have kids, but she went off birth control without telling me and now she's pregnant. I feel so angry and betrayed right now. I have thought about leaving her, but the thought of leaving a pregnant woman just doesn't sit well with me. But I don't know how I can trust her again, let alone raise a kid with her. What now?

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The first thing to do would be to talk to your wife about it. Ask her why she went off birth control, and try and figure out how you can deal with the responsibility of having a child. You might feel angry and betrayed right now, and that's completely understandable as if I were in your situation, I'd feel the same. However, you shouldn't let those feelings cloud your judgment. Take it one day at a time and plan for your wife's pregnancy. The important thing would be to focus on the child first. You shouldn't leave your wife, let alone leave the child without a father. Talk to a marriage counselor as well as other people about your situation, and don't act rashly.

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