11.5 weeks Pregnant.. High BP..

Hi.. My wife is 11.5 weeks pregnant today.. Yesterday she experienced sudden migraine on her right side in the evening.. BP taken at home 3 times last night and twice today ranges from 130/85 to 139/95.. This is our 2nd pregnancy.. The first one was a missed miscarriage at about 7 to 8weeks.. Next appointment will only be in July.. Advice? Thank you in advance.

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Need to visit gynae and get it controlled. I’m 25 weeks now, when very first pregnant at week 7+ my BP tested is 170+/90+ So all controlled by doctor, right now still taking BP meds. Now BP range is always about 135/80+ But best is visit the doctor soon. Do not go GP and get meds...

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135/95 range is borderline high. At 1st tri, unlikely will need medical intervention. Anw there are bp med safe for preg but can only be taken after 13 weeks. If you are worried, better to see doc for a peace of mind.

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Better ask gynae to give meds to lower / control the BP

Go see gynae. High BP is risky during pregnancy

Go doc. And see what doc advice..


Visit your gynae