High BP during 6th week

Hi my wife is about 6th weeks pregnant. She went to GP for stomachache and check her BP. Her BP is about 180. We bought a device and check every 2 hours and her BP is around 160 to 190. We are very worried as this is our 1st time. Can anyone advise?

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I personally had experience with sudden high BP (preeclampsia) during week29 and had to deliver my baby via emergency c section. Preeclampsia symptoms: Abdominal pain Giddiness Vision changes High BP Protein in urine Seizures Sudden weight gain Swollen limbs As you mentioned stomachache and high BP, they do match preeclampsia but it usually doesn’t onset so early in pregnancy. Please do consult with your gynae ASAP. This much high BP (with or without pregnancy) isn’t safe and you shall seek help ASAP.

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I had high BP during my 1st pregnancy too Gynae advise to go for Cardio check but I didn't. I monitor my own BP and try slow down my speed cause I'm impatient and fast in doing everything everything was fine and my boy is now 2years old and healthy Do check with your gynae If u have concern

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You may want to highlight with your gynae. My BP was on a higher side as well, and my gynae asked me to watch my diet as there’s risk of preeclampsia. Try to take less salty foods and do a light exercise. Hope all is well!

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Please bring this up to your gynae as this is a risk factor from pre eclampsia. In the mean time do what you can to reduce blood pressure by exercising regular and lowering sodium intake. Take care!

Yes seems pretty high. Suggest to cut sodium, drink lots of water and take daily long walks when she is comfortable.

11mo ago

Have a lot of rests & try to slow down in any activities. Do relax & dont get anxious/ stress too much

ok noted for the info. will be sending her to kkh to check

what kind of light exercise she can do?

11mo ago

Systolic reading 160to190 needs immediate medical attention. Lowering salt intake or exercise will not bring down this readings in hrs. Hope she has been to A&E, and has got right & timely medical attention. 🙏🏼🙏🏼