Earliest O&G appointment - 13 weeks

Hi, just got a call from NUH today that earliest O&G appointment they have at Clinic G is 13 July for my first visit. I’m currently about 7 weeks pregnant and by then would be roughly 13 weeks. Is that ok or too late for a first appointment? I’ve gone to GP and polyclinic to confirm my pregnancy and it’s a positive. Just thought a scan should be done in the first trimester 🤔 Anyone else went for their first O&G visit after 12 weeks? #firstbaby #advicepls

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Hello! I was in the exact same situation during my 7th week! Only managed to get an polyclinic-referred NUH appointment for Week 13. For me, as it was my first pregnancy and my family has a history of miscarriages, I decided to call NUH private and got an appointment in 2 days at Ruby Clinic. No subsidies, but happy that we managed to see the 7w dating scan with baby+heartbeat through tummy ultrasound and got nausea meds & prenatal vitamins in time for the first trimester. ☺️💕 It cost $175 for all of that and I’m glad I went for it. If you really need the subsidy and want it earlier, ask the polyclinic to refer you to KKH instead. The polyclinic called me up when they found out that I made a private appointment with NUH so can’t do the subsidised route there, so I asked to refer to KKH subsidised and the appointment was a whole month (Week 9) earlier than NUH. It’s worth a try if you’d urgently like it earlier. If you’re keeping to your 13 week appointment, then do look for folic acid (though the polyclinic probably gave it to you too) and a prenatal to supplement until then ☺️

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It is fine but personally think you should see someone earlier especially if it's your first pregnancy. This is so you can get more guidance on what to expect, and also get helpful medicines like folic acid and others if you have bad symptoms. Some women have it bad around weeks 8-10 I miscarried at 10 weeks for my first. Currently am 10 weeks again but I saw the gynae during week 6 and week 9 for scans. Having another appointment next week. Mine is more frequent cos of earlier miscarriage, but most women do fine seeing doc once a month for first tri

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You can try and call in to get an earlier appt based on availability. That is what I did. If they did not get back to you within 3 days, try calling in again to keep checking if there are people who cancelled their appt. I was 3+ pregnant and my appt scheduled initially was at my 10 weeks and i got lucky to get changed to an earlier appt. Theyre always full

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yes2 its absolutely fine mummy. i had my scan at nuh too on week 13. i was like you worried too about my condition due to miscarriage before so i went to see outsde gynae to comfirm pregnancy and was given folic acid. weeks later i had my scan at nuh with bby heartbeat..

Yes perfectly fine! 13 weeks is still plenty early - remember in the older times people didn't even see a gynae until months in :) times have changed of course but certainly OK in your case.

Mine was done in weeks 14, everything is okay. Once you have get a referral letter from polyclinic and been scheduled for first O&G appt, should be alright, don't worry about it,mummy (:

Mine also in week 12 around early of July. Is good to go other gynae for check up while waiting NUH. Since is our first pregnancy must well check up earlier better than later.

I had my first appt at clinic g at 13 weeks from a poly referral. It was a long wait but worth it cos by then you can see baby’s heartbeat and scan clearly! :)

Im kinda surprised. I actually tried to book nuh apptment but it was after week 12 i tink. So they asked me to do my scan n test outside first.. 😅😅

Highly recc you going for a scan within first trimester. There are certain checks like Down syndrome where you will need to do before 12weeks