7 weeks pregnant

Hi mummies! Just entered 7 weeks pregnancy today. But my nausea and sore boobs seems lesser and better today as compared to yesterday. Is that normal? This is my first pregnancy, and have not yet went to my first scan (scheduled at week 10). Any advice? #advicepls #firstbaby

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its normal i guess. i had my symptoms is gone on week 9, i was so worried i even try to make myself puke (sticking out tongue and pretend to be vomitting) lol i know its dramatic. hahaha! then i decided not to overthink and enjoy the no symptom moment. but guess what, at 12 weeks, i had a whole day vomitting that make me rush to the a&e lol... and baby was doing fine inside, keep moving... and now my nausea and vomitting came back, daily but happens at night time only.

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1y ago

ohhhh. thanks for sharing your experience mummy!!

Yes. I had a few off days before the symptoms came back again. If it gone for too long then you might want to go check earlier.

1y ago

okie thanks! I Will monitor it for a.few more days