Newborn diapers

Which brand of newborn diapers is recommended? TIA

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The hospital provided me just born huggies not that bad! But I use mammypoko after finish until now. Before that I tried dryper and merries but less than two hours my boy pants wet already. You can go get some sample before buy.

Mamypoko Airfit tape diapers! My LO was quite small 2.4kg at birth and this diaper fit well with no leakage issues. LO is 2 months old now and still using the Airfit series for nighttime wear.

I'm using Moony now. My friends were telling me that Moony and Goo.n are good in preventing nappy rash

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depends on ur budget I guess. if got budget mama poko. otherwise, dryper or huggies platinum is good


Drypers wee wee dry, newborn bb used alot of diapers , Drypers is cheaper

Merries or Mamy poko air fit! I prefer Mamy poko!

At first we used Huggies then changed to pampers


Pampers premium. Huggies cutting very small

I used Drypers and Pampers! Liked them both

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huggies (newborn) or merries or pampers