How many packs of newborn diapers

Hi mummies, how many packets of NB diapers did your newborn use up before transiting to size S ? Amd which brand. #FTM

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depends on baby size and baby usage.. nb is usually very little. i use huggies tht usually kkh provide first. when im discharged i change to drypers tape. all my 3 kids are ok with drypers. more cheaper than huggies. also i buy at Jin Tai Mart. they sell cheap n legit pampers

12mo ago

Bb born 2.8kg..discharged from kk using huggies JB.. I standby NB (merries x 2 pkt) but felt it was too big for bb and proceed to buy JB (used ~5pkt) before upgrading to merries NB.. Currently using merries in the day and rascal n friends at night

4 packets of NB. Baby born 3.3kg. I bought all different brands to try out. Merries, Mamypoko, Pampers, Moony...

Mine took months to transit from nb to s. It really depends on individual babies. Mine grew v slowly.

my bb was 2.8kg when he born. i use about 2 packs then transit to small size in 1month.. :)

My baby used about 3 packs of Drypers Skinature before changing to S. Born at 3.37kg.

Depends on individual. My baby 2.6KG, used 8 packets. Huggies naturemade.

offsprings !!! mine took me like 6 packets to 7 .

my bb was 2.7kg and I used abt 6 packs of diapers

I used about 4 packs. My baby was born 2.9kg.

I use 4 packs, my baby born at 3.1kg