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Hi mummies... Based on your experience... Which brand of diapers and wet wipes would you recommend? And why? Thk u in advance

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Wet wipes; I use soonsu from shopee. It is one of the cheapest wet wipes. I dont use wet wipes often, at home i will use cotton ball with water. Even if i use wipes, one wipe then throw. No turning or folding wipes to wipe more times thats why i chose the cheaper wipes. Diapers : Pampers premium, Merries, Mamypoko Absorbent, no leak, no rash! I trust all the Japanese brands 😀

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Diapers Merries or rascal and friends. Why? Can hold better if your baby having poonami. And my golden butt daughtee doesnt have rash or redness issue. Wet wipes Jeju wet wipes from shopee. Why? It's cheap, practical, big piece and wet! If you want well known Tolly jolly pure wipes Why? Big pieces super wet!

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Tried a few brands of diapers, and although the sizes is the same, the cutting is different amongst the brand. I find i like pampers the best as it suits my baby's build, it has urine indicator, and havent leak overnight thus far. As for wipes, i like johnson's fragrance free.

I tried so many brands and I must say drypers touch is the best for my baby. No rash, no leak no poonami. And Infinity wet wipes is really good, moist and soft! It's cheap too!

We settled with moony air fit now after trying a few around of brands. For wipes we used a lot of jeju, cheap, big and juicy.

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Pampers! Lasts for hours and it’s thin. Wet wipes I’m using soonsu story. Cheap and good

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Huggies for both diaper and wet wipes. Gentle on my baby skin.

Huggies platinum and peekapoo for diapers. Soonsu wipes.

Oldam, Gomdoli, Nuk (for wiping poo) and Jeju Wet wipes

Diapers: Pampers premium Wipes: Huggies or Pigeon