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which brand of milk for mama is recommended? i am 10th week pregnancy still have not take any milk, shall i start now? tq

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Regular fresh milk that easy for you to access like marigold hl, dutch lady or farm fresh or any other fresh milk. My nurse does not suggest any mommy’s milk out there like anmum etc since there are a lot of sugar content. You can start consume asap🤗

Frisolac. langsung tak de taste tapi bagus sbb no sugar. Anmum pls check before consume sbb ramai kawan /kakak sy kena sugar tinggi sbb anmum. gula tinggi sbb tu anmum sedap

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Sy pun mnum friso msa prgnant, & menyusukn ank skrg.. Rasa ok, xmanis☺️

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Dutch lady, fernleaf, marigold, nestle and more. Depends on what my husband buy for me 😜 as long as its cheap and can drink. Im not taking any mommy's milk powder.

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Enfamama Chocolate flavor. It is really nice! Because I can't tolerate with milk smell, so i think enfamama is recommended for you to try.

3y ago

momma pregolact, tak manis

now annum dh ada less sugar , my doct also recommended that , but depends on mumy la mana yg dia nk consume ikot tekak hehehe

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I used to take anmun exclusively for my oldest and similac mom for my second. They are both okay for me and baby..

i drank alot of goodday milk. milk powder that are made for preggy moms have too much sugar in it.

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I take Enfamama (chocolate flavour) until 6 months and change to goat milk lazz

i drank similac milk powder so far my baby love it. also can gave nutrition for the milk

usia kandungan brapa minggu dah boleh start minum susu yerr??

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