Early pregnancy ! Which milk is good ?

Hai mommy’s, I’m just 6 weeks , can I know this brand milk is good for early pregnancy ? Anyone here got take this milk before this ? I don’t want any sugar mixing formula..Please advice me .

Early pregnancy ! Which milk is good ?
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even if it said no added sugar,there is still traces of it like sucrose and fructose which can make u and ur baby gain rapid weight. i used to drink frisomum which had no added sugar and at first i gain 2kg in 1month then the next month i gain 6kg. my dr told me that it contain sucrose and fructose.they dont recommend it. because of my rapid gain weight i had to do a glucose test twice and for both results its negative for diabetes and my baby size is just nice.if u decide to drink then drink it every other day or just takefresh milk.if ur lactose intolerant maybe try nutmilk like almond milk or soymilk.if not u can ask ur dr if u can take calcium supplements.

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