Which brand of diapers are you all using? I had used peekapoo since birth for my LO but her size is currently OOS. I am thinking of getting offspring diapers or other brands for the time being.

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pampers and huggies


Mamypoko airfit! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Huggies platinum is good! For offspring there is no urine indicator

7mo ago

Okay, will test try a few brands. Thank you 💕

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Merries and rascal

7mo ago

Thank you so much! 💕

I've been using peekapoo too for my baby since birth, whenever peekapoo oos, i find that huggies platinum or gold is slightly nearer to peekapoo. U can try merries or offsring too.

7mo ago

If you want the closes to peekapoo cutting, you can try merries. But i prefer huggies. Is up to you :). I did try on few diapers when peekapoo is oos. To me offspring is the best bt expensive, merries have the same cutting as peekapoo, bt can't hold that long like huggies did and huggies is much cheaper. Merries is slightly ex too. Mamypoko leave a mark n rashes to my baby. I guess is up to u to trial n error :) can get samples from them. That is what i did. So whenever peekapoo oos i know where n what to get at the nearest supermarket.

Pampers premium. Good for sensitive skin and no leak.

7mo ago

Thank you 💕


huggies platinum

offspring works well for me, holds pee well, my baby using size S. poo not so good, might leak sometimes if didn’t wear properly

7mo ago

i find that it’s okay, depending on how much your baby will pee during the night also, my lo don’t pee that much at night but when she does it’s fine too. i change her every 6-7hrs max even if she’s sleeping or if it still can hold to minimise the risk of irritating the skin 😅 so far no rash/pee leakage issue