Where to find/buy Just Born diapers

Hi Mummies, My LO has been using JB diapers given by the hospital. I realised NB diapers are slightly too big for her. But I cannot find JB diapers anywhere... Any suggestions? Can share what diapers did you used for your LO?

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Super Mum

Just born diapers can be found in limited supermarkets.. try NTUC finest/X-tra? I’ve seen before, but not sure if they took it off the shelves already, since few people buy that. Huggies Gold newborn diapers have a smaller cutting compared to some of the other NB ones, so I just used that because the rest leaked. In fact, now my LO’s 5.6kg and I’m still using that till probably next month.

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For me, premium pampers for NB. I find it okay. Pampers will be smaller cutting. Or you can consider Drypers / Huggies

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