PeeKaPoo Diapers

Hi, has anyone used peekapoo diapers? Would appreciate if you could provide legit reviews. I dont really trust influencer reviews hence posting here for anyone who has tried the brand for their LO to share. Thanks in advance!

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It's ok but had some leaking episodes in the morning cz my baby sleeps for abt 6-7 hrs. Using it interchangeably with Rascal & Friends cz my friend gave her unused packs. Prefer Rascal & Friends, no leaking at all so far, been using for 2 mths, my baby is 5 mths now btw.

Have been using for 17 months now. Able to last through the night (12h). But cutting slightly small compared to most other brands. Usually when start to see leakage, upsizing should solve the problem 😄

Merries is still the best! Tried peekapoo and rascal and friends didn’t like it! Not so soft and design not nice! Merries and moony is v v soft and cute!

I only used newborn, and the cutting is quite small compared to other brands.