Peekaboo Diaper

Hi anyone newborn use this brand of diaper before? Isit good?

Peekaboo Diaper
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Personally I have not tired. Baby EDD in Jan, I manage to get their sample online previously. The review I read online is that the absorbent is quite good & doesn't leak. However is slightly more expensive (cost a few cents more per piece).

Using this now and it works for my baby compared to Pampers Premium. Good absorbence and very thin. Guess every bum is different. Do not suggest using newborn since they need to change so frequently!

This brand diaper is good but for newborn who needs to be changed frequently,it is not economical as this brand is more ex per piece.. maybe you can get this brand diaper when your baby is older..

I started using it for my 23m toddler at night. Holds really well. No more overflows since then. As the pants are a little more pricey, day use I use merries pants. Night use peekapoo tape.

Good reviews and recommendations from friends made me give peekapoo a try. I wasn't disappointed. No rashes and can last long at night makes me choose this brand over other diapers.

You can buy a starter pack online to try out. The starter pack Includes baby soap small bottle/ diapers/ wet tissue and dry tissue. The diaper isn't that great for my baby.

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It has very good reviews, but seems to be more worth it to buy when babies get older as newborns require a lot of diaper changes.

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My child using this brand. I like how thin and how much content this diaper can absorb!

I tried this for 2yo girl. Can’t last for the night, still acceptable for day use.

Not used but I know people who used and they said it is good