Best place to buy xmas presents?

Where do you guys usually go?

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Depends on your budget and what you need, but you could look on Lazada or Shoppee or visit a craft fair (there was an Affordable Art Fair on just last week in Singapore where my wife bought my Xmas present). Or agree not to buy presents and save the money for a nice meal together instead.

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Depends on what thing you gonna buy. If in bulk of same items and lower budget, can try taobao. If expensive thing for family, try takashimaya or tangs.

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Depends on who you giving and your budget. If you are giving in bulk.. Get from taobao

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What's your budget? I love to buy gifts online, there's varieties online

Depends on buying for who.. but online more stuff to get


Depends on your budget and the person you going to give.

Tao bao. Or just get chocolate will do. Make it simple

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I guess online is better ... if ur budget is less

Toys R Us if buying toys for children

Lazada for cheaper deals