What do you feel moms when you observed that your husbands have been following pages of sexy celebrities in their social media accounts?

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Nowadays, mahirap naman iwasan yan e. For example, you've been following Arci Munoz because she likes cars and she races at vios cup. Tapos biglang nagkaron ng sexy pictorial para sa isang brand or isang fashion or sexy magazine, hindi mo naman pwede na isisisi sa asawa mo na bakit mo tinitignan yung sexy photo na yun?

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For me,let him! Sexy celebrities is fine but if someone else like his exes or a non-celebrities thats a different story. Anyways even us, we had handsome and hot celebrities crushes and we are following them ;) As long as you know your limits then it would be totally fine.

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I honestly don't how I would react if I see my husband doing this. Ok lang ung pina-follow nya is about cars, sports, or any hobbies na pang guys. I have some guy friends na nakikita ko following sexy sites, and parang napapailing na lang ako kasi kahit may asawa ganun pa din,

Dahil tao lang ako, of course I would feel bad. And I will be concerned as well kasi there's a reason for sure why he's been following them.

It’s fine with me but I got jealous and angry if he keeps following the pages of his Exes grrrr

Tell him to stop

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