when do u start brushing ur LO teeth?

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Just before their teeth came out. Get them used to brushing. There are toothbrushes for different stages (I think Oral B or Pigeon brands). When their first tooth came out, I switched to the next stage of toothbrush. Early brushing trains them in good oral hygiene too. Good luck!

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As soon as the teeth come out. You can start with a clean towel if the teeth are not fully out.. I didn’t use toothpaste initially then later used low fluoride toothpaste (there are also non-fluoride ones available)

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We started to brush her teeth at her first birthday - we bought a finger toothbrush.

We started brushing the teeth from the moment the baby got teeths haha


when baby has first teeth. only let baby brush herself at 14 month

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when she have like 6 teeth ahhaha

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At around 2 years old

3 months old

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