My son has got 4 teeth now. When do you need to start brushing their teeth?

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Most infant foods easily wash off Baby's teeth with just a drink of water after meals. But it's good to introduce a toothbrush (choose a very soft one) as soon as possible, so baby can get used to having it in his mouth. You probably won't need to use the brush to actually clean Baby's teeth until he's eating only table foods (and has a significant number of teeth), at around 18 months. However, you'll want to gently clean your child's teeth with a toothbrush or thimble-like cleaner and some bicarbonate of soda if your toddler has eaten sticky, sugary foods.

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What I do to encourage my 2 years old son to start to brush his teeth since he turned 1: 1. Give him a real toothbrush and non fluoride toothpaste 2. Sing a brush teeth song during brushing teeth 3. I will brush together with him every morning and night 4. I get a step stool for him so he can access the tap water himself 5. Prepare a cup for him to rinse mouth, sometimes he will swollow the tap water but it's part of learning process 6. Do it daily! If you are not consistent kid will hard to pick up the habit and make it a routine

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You can begin brushing his teeth now. Get a brush with soft bristles and a non fluoride toothpaste. Make it a routine to make him brush his teeth. If you will not inculcate the habit of brushing teeth now, it is going to turn very difficult for you to make it a habit with him later. So, sooner, the better.

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6mo ago

nag start brush my dauther when she had 1 teeth

As early as the first tooth appeared. It's also to get them into the habit before it's too late. You can also make it more fun by buying your lo those funny finger brushes or cartoon toothbrushes. You may not use toothpaste at this time as the brushing motion would be enough. I assume you do not give you lo sweets yet so this should be fine. Have fun! :-)

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You can definitely start now. Get him a baby toothbrush with soft bristles and make it a habit to clean his teeth everyday, if possible, twice. If you start this habit early, you won't have to deal with them brushing teeth in the morning when they turn 2 or 3. Kids are known to throw tantrums when it comes to brushing teeth :)

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Great! I think you can start brushing his teeth. Encourage the baby to brush his teeth everyday, this will help him develop good hygiene. Use baby brush with so bristles.

You can easily start now. Get a brush with a small head though. There are quite a few brushes out there for you to start using for your Little one.

We started soon after to get him used to the brush. There are some brush sets that are slowly teaching the kid to brush and safe at the same time

my 8 month old twins already started using Pigeon toothbrush. one still doesn't have teeth, the other one has 2 teeth

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We started to brush her teeth at her first birthday - we bought a finger toothbrush.