When will my periods start again after pregnancy? I wish to do baby-led weaning. But not sure when should I plan to have 2nd one? *sorry let me clarify here. I'm breastfeeding mummy. Wish my kid self-wean - let her to decide stop nursing. Feel a bit struggle here as I heard that you won't conceive until u stop breastfeeding. Is it true? Thx

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It depends on individual when will your mense resume after giving birth. I have friends who got back their mense right after baby turns 2/3 months old. For my no.1, I got back my mense only after she turns 2.5 years old because I full latched my baby. I have been trying for 2nd baby since she turns 1 year old however due to no mense it was quite hard for me to conceive. I conceived my no.2 after 1 cycle of mense. However, it is not impossible to conceive during breastfeeding and without mense. I do not have mense when I conceive my no.3 (no.2 was about 2 years old). Your body will know when is the best time to conceive 2nd baby. On average, as shown in the chart, most of the women got back their mense when baby is around 12-24months old.

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Sorry, but what has baby-led weaning got to do with periods and family planning...? Baby-led weaning takes a lot of patience and restraint to let the baby explore on her own rather than spoon-feeding puree directly. As for periods, no one can tell. It is said that breastfeeding mothers get their periods later, but mine came around 5 months PP. For your 2nd baby, it is really up to you, but the recommended time is 18 months for the mother's body to fully recover from pregnancy. http://www.babycentre.co.uk/x555984/what-age-gap-is-best-between-babies

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When they first start BLW, which is what this mom is currently thinking of doing, milk feeds should not be stopped. It is only until they are able to actually ingest the solids that milk feeds start to gradually decrease. For babies with no teeth

As Jamie had mentioned, different woman start their periods PP differently. I wasn't breastfeeding and I first had my period again 4 months PP. As for baby led weaning, here are a couple of websites that you can refer for more information. Beware though, it's going to be a messy journey

I'm breast feeding and I had it after 40days giving birth. A little bit unlucky, but everything is going fine. But maybe the first ones are unovulatory

Mine started around 3-4 months later