Is it true that when you are expecting another one while still breastfeeding your elder one, the milk quality will not be as good? Or if I continue to breastfeed my elder one, it might affect the growth of the younger one? If neither is true why is it some people (namely my PD and my mum) keep advising me to stop?

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Breastfeeding while you are pregnant is perfectly safe. However, your nipples may be tender and painful due to the pregnancy, which might be painful for you to breastfeed. Your milk supply may also drop by a lot. Breastmilk may also change in taste toward the end of your pregnancy as it will change to colostrum. It is not dangerous as although nipple stimulation produces oxytocin which aids in milk letdown as well as contractions for labour, the amount is not enough to stimulate labour unless you are at a risk for early labour. Ultimately, there have been no studies which show that breastfeeding while pregnant is harmful, so it is your choice whether to continue nursing while pregnant or not.

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