Breastfeeding, No Mense And Trying For 2nd One

Dear mummies, I have been breastfeeding my boy. He jus turn 1 this month. I wanted to breastfeed him as long as I can. I heard some saying thus I Want to clarify some items... 1) Do breastmilk after 1 year lack of nutiriton? Some mummies will top up with fresh milk 2) my mense did not come back. Hub and i are making plan for 2nd one. But i do not want to stop bf. Would that be possible? Look forward to your replies Pls... Thank you!

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Super Mum

1) Breastmilk is always more nutritious than cow’s milk, but breastmilk alone is not sufficient for your toddler’s nutritional requirement. You need to give a well balanced diet. So, no.. you don’t need to top up with cow’s milk if you have enough breastmilk. 2) Some people definitely do get pregnant while breastfeeding, although if a mummy breastfeeds very regularly, sometimes it may act like a form of contraception. So I think you can try doing both breastfeeding and trying to get pregnant, but if it’s hard to get pregnant after some time, then you may want to think about stopping breastfeeding.

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Super Mum

No problem menses doesn't mean not can be still ovulating ahen breastfeeding