why like this?

When me n husb went out for few hrs to take break, mil will take care of LO. But once we home, she will nag nag nag. But when i saw my sil (husb'sis) asked my mil to look after her LO, when my sil is back, mil didnot nag, even can smile smile updating sil of her LO' activities etc. Why different treatment sia?? Just ranting out~~~

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Same as my MIL. Initially ask her to help our during confinement maybe we can order confinement tingkat to eat together. She said ok at first. After a week she say she changed my mind. She told my husband it’s Because she don’t want to quarrel with me. But my husband’s lil bro getting married soon and she’s ok that her NEW daughter in law move in with her. My Hubs got so mad and told her off. Oh well. Everyone have their own issue I Guess. But ya. Some MIL just like that.

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