Sleep Training

When I was still pregnant and got to read posts from different mothers complaining of how difficult it was to get their infant to sleep, I would think to myself, “put them down and that’s that!” Yeah, I thought putting an infant to sleep was as simple as putting them down in a bassinet or a crib. But after my daughter, Aya, was born, I realized how challenging it is to get your child to sleep in their own crib or bassinet and to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. Like I would feed Aya to sleep and gently transfer her to the bassinet, but I think the motion would cause her to wake up and we would have to repeat the bedtime routine all over again. Hahaha huhuhu! With this scenario, I woud like to start doing sleep training to her as early as now (she's still 1 month & 24 days old). I have read blogs written by other mothers saying that sleep training caused their child to develop attachment disorders, depression, anxiety and even ADHD. But according to Aya's pedia, sleep training has no evidence of negative effect so it is really safe for both baby and mother. I would like to ask more advice or tips from some mothers out there about sleep training. Kindly drop down your comment below or send me a message of your thoughts or point of views about sleep training. Thanks!

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What I do is pag umiiyak, di ko binubuhat. Sa crib lang sya bala sya dun. Di naman gutom yun if kadede mo lang ah. Wag masyado ibaby... Di kailangan na laging buhat naman eh. Yung iba kasi naawa sa baby di nila alam nasasanay masyado ang baby sa ginagawa nila.

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Di dapat ganun. Sabihan mo yung daddy. Kasi kahit sa mga kapatid ko na tatlong mas bata sakin, hinahayaan ng mama ko. Nakakatulog sila at di palaiyak nasa crib lang tas tahimik kahit gising...