Child Development

Let us talk about Child Development! Last Sept. 22, I learned a lot from the 10th webinar hosted by SANOFI and The Asian Parent Philippines. It discussed Child Development and truly the talk was very unique and heartfelt in its own way. Great focus was given to children with Down Syndrome. I had so many key takeaways that I would like to share: 1. Early intervention is key, so that we would know how to guide them, how to treat them, how to bring them up 2. Acceptance to the child and appreciation to parents with child who happened to have DS should be appreciated. We should accept that children with Down Syndrome is a genetic blessing...not an accident. 3. It is very important that we impart to our children that they can do anything. As parents, we play a very important role in building and giving good self-esteem to our kids. 4. Every child, whether with DS or not, deserves and needs the true love of their parents 5. the use of gestural language is very important especially when we try to make them feel loved 6. parental involvement plays a big role in child development, nurturing their gifts and talents, giving them their special needs and supporting them in their growth and development. How about you mommies, what certain areas in your child do you think needs intervention, guidance and support? #FAMHEALTHY #SANOFIACTS #IMATAPVIPMOM #ImATAPVIPParent #theasianparentphlive

Child Development
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