hi moms! what are your tips for putting a toddler to sleep early? my daughter is about to turn 3yo and she usually sleeps earliest probably is 11pm. We can sometimes wait for her to sleep until 1am and that for me is alarming since I have read that 9pm onwards, a child must be put to sleep for his physical and mental development.

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Same problem here. We've tried the dim lights and no TV inside the room, but my toddler is just to hyperactive in the evening. I noticed that when he has had a lot of tiring activities for the day, or if we have been out to the mall or road trips, he easily falls asleep as soon as we get home. You check out some activities that you can do with him at home for the whole day.

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8y ago

I can relate. She too fell asleep easily after going to mall or probably had tiring day (full of play)

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Hope this helps. My daughter used to sleep at 11am before. Her pedia advised us to dim the lights as much as possible and no tv inside the room.

Dim lights, no tv and try to read a book to calm her..and make sure you're consistent in putting her to sleep at 8pm..she will surely learn it..

8y ago

thank you :)

Tire her or rather let her play or just let her walk in circles.