Bathtime (2week old)

When is a good time to bathe newborn? In the morning? Before or after feed?

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Actually whichever time is good for you. Just fit it into your routine:) When my baby was younger, she had to be fed first (and rest for a while) before baths otherwise she would be crying and screaming. Now that she’s older (since about 4 months), she’s okay with baths before feeding, so we bathe her when she wakes up from her nap. There’s no hard and fast rule. Younger babies might regurgitate milk more easily with the changing positions during the process of the bath, so try not to bathe baby immediately after feeding:)

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I bathe my newborn around 8 to 9am. Will feed her a bit first continue the feed after bathing cuz I realise she gets hungry. Then if the weather is hot I will bathe her in the evening at 5pm but without washing her hair.

I used to bath my LO in the morning before feeding. However she will end up crying (because of hunger). I changed to bath her 30-45mins after feeding. Both myself and my LO is is having a good time.

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Initially I bathe her during noon time. But over time I slowly change to night time so she can sleep better after a warm bath

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I bathe my baby in the mrng after 7am and at night before 6pm. 1h to 1.5h after feed

Morning is best and another late afternoon...good routine to inculcate anyway

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for newborn, i just bath for the baby in the morning. night, i wipe.

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I bathe my girl only in the morning when she is a nb baby


Usually I bath before feed.

In the morning after feed.