1st baby movement

When can we feel 1st baby movement, inside us?

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mine one also around 18. But very soft kick. it makes me confused is hungry or kick.. then later the kick will be more harder.

20 weeks too altho the kick feel soft u thought its wind. But press yr hand on yr tummy longer n u will b able to know the difference

first pregnancy around 20weeks. if second or more pregnancies, 16-18 weeks boleh rasa dah

everyone is different.some at 15weeks can feel baby.mine i forgot when.hahah pregnancy brain.

mine around 18 w dah boleh rasa..

Dlm 18w dh boleh rasa 😍 geram

mine around 20 week can feel it

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i feel my baby move at 21wk..

Felt mine masa 20w plus. 😁