baby sleep alone

When did your baby start to sleep alone in another room? Currently she is on a cot beside my bed and i could attend to her immediately but its affecting my sleep with her constant legs banging against the mattress.

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Super Mum

First baby: from birth Second baby: from 3 months (initially, we didn’t want to wake #1 from #2’s crying) but later on, we got air circulators to create more white noise. Haha. And with sleep training, training in baby’s own room was most effective. If your baby’s already more than 2 months old, you can start teaching about self soothing, so it’s better that you take the extra 2-3 minutes to get from your bed to baby’s room, actually:) that gives baby some time alone to learn how to self sooth/entertain.. and that builds on the ability for baby to fall asleep independently or go back to sleep:)

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