The best time to let baby sleep alone

Hi mommies ☺️ i sleep with my baby since she born. Now, she is 7 months. A nurse in polyclinic told me that baby should sleep alone in the cot. How old your baby when let baby sleep alone? Which one is better to let her sleep alone asap or wait until 2 years cause i’m breastfeeding (latch on)..thanks a lot ❤️#firstbaby

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Super Mum

My baby was trained to sleep on her own since 4.5 months. We also trained her to self soothe and fall asleep on her own gradually. I also direct latched her whenever she woke up during the night. I personally think training earlier has lots of benefits. And she’ll start sleeping through the night earlier too, without needing to keep latching on out of habit

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3y ago

Wah..awesome..thanks a lot 😍 i’ll try do it to my baby