Baby sleeping alone at night

Hi Community! My wife and I were wondering what is the appropriate age for baby to sleep alone in the room? My baby is a light sleeper and we tend to wake her up when we are sleeping in the room with her. Any advice? Thank you!!!

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How old is your baby? Baby can sleep In another room with easy access to your room. Keep a baby monitor to keep Track of your little one. You can try doing this during the afternoon as a dry run for a couple of days then try night time sleep

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I start around 10months old. Just make sure you have a baby monitor and the cot is safe enough for her not to jailbreak.

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Hi... you can let your baby sleep alone in the room from 6 months. Just buy a baby monitor so that you can check on baby

It depends on you. Some babies sleep alone at night right from birth. With a baby monitor, you can check on her anytime

It depends on your and your baby. If your baby is comfortable then it's quite alright for them to have their own room.

Hi there, I think the following article can help you,

It depend on your comfort level. preferably when your baby can sleep through night without feeding.

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Actually I see friend training their baby once they know how to walk?? Approx after 1 years old?

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I started mine at 4 months old. Just make sure you have baby monitor. It should be fine.

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Can start anytime. Just buy a baby monitor and you can monitor the baby in another room.