Should i allow my 3 wk old baby sleep alone in his cot and in his own room? Or should a caregiver sleep with him in the same room?

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It depends on individual . I feel sleep training is not necessary so young so i prefer to sleep with my baby in the same room as me so that I can monitor him easily especially when the first few months there is higher risk of SIDS. It is also more convenient for me not to go to another room to check on him.

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It depends which school of thought you identify with. My girl has slept in her own bed in her own room from day 1 and she's fine. I do have a baby monitor so I know if she cries and/or needs attention.

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3 week old baby, better to put the cot in your room and put him in his own cot. Better to be safe then sorry. You wouldn't want to take the chance.

I think 3wks old too vulnerable to sleep alone. They can actually choke on vomit n not able to cry loud enough to let u hear.

Sleep in his own cot but with you in your own room if possible so you can wake up easily to feed baby in the middle of the night.

I make him sleep separately in his cot in my room as I am afraid I will risk his safety if I make him sleep together with me in the same bed. I don't let the car caregiver to sleep with my 3 week old baby, No way!!

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I play it safe and keep baby beside me as baby is still very young. Sniffles or regurgitate you may not be able to hear it. Also in the early period of time, baby needs security and warmth.

I do let my baby sleep in her own room but must have baby monitor

I guess it’s too early to sleep alone.

I prefer caregiver to sleep with him till he reached 3months.