What's your top tip for new dads?

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Be a tag team, fill in the gaps. You are as important as baby. Lol. Men tend to get jealous, and feel neglected too.

Sleep or rest as much and whenever is possible. You need those rest so that you are able to make good judgment to take care of your wife and baby. If everyone not enough rest in the family, there will be a lot of quarrel.

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Treat your wife like she's the sexiest bitch in town! Especially when she's frazzled and the kids are screaming and the house is in a mess and the laundry's not done and you have a thousand things on your mind.... but preferable after the kids go to bed of course.

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Show appreciation for your wife.. Try to say thank you and u know how much she have done for you..

Be a family man

Dad and mum are a tag-team. Each other must be understanding. Make time with our family a priority especially for new dad.What you might regret is not having spent more time with your baby.You also will be more understanding for baby if spent more time with him/her. Babies give ‘cues’ or signals to what they need through their behaviour and body language. By really paying attention to your baby’s cues, over time you’ll learn how to work out what your baby needs. That is my top tips for new dads.

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Be physically around. Ask, research, learn, hands-on whenever possible. A positive attitude is very important. Good Luck 😉

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Always be there with your family. Not just physically be around, but make the most out of it when you’re together.

Always be there for your family. Don't be an absentee husband and dad. Your "me" time will eventially come. Enjoy every stage of your child's growth. If able, allot a lunch-date or a dinner-date with the wife once a week. Thank me later.

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help your wife with the housechore.