What's the weirdest pamahiin your in-laws made you follow for your wedding?

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I met with my Filipina friend just now and we were talking about wedding superstitions. She told me her mother and grandmother did not allow her to travel long distances the 6 months prior to her wedding. That would be okay in normal circumstances but her future husband is an Australian. The elders did not even allow him to travel so they did not see each other till the wedding day. They said it's to prevent any accidents that could happen in long distance travel.

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Ang paggamit ng perlas sa kasal ay di maganda dahil ang perlas ay parang simbulo ng mga luha na magbibigay ng kalungkutan sa pagsasama. I love pearls.. but my in laws told me that I cant wear it. Only gold on my wedding day. But pearl really match my wedding dress. Sigh..