Can you share your worst encounters with the in-laws?

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My husband decided to move to the 2br condo owned by their parents to cut expenses since our previous rent was too expensive. We had to live there for almost 2 months with her sister from hell. She doesn't respect our privacy. She doesn't knock before she enters our room. She would question why my husband is doing the laundry (I was on mat leave), and that she doesn't want him doing it when in fact my husband just wanted to help me cuz he knows our baby wouldn't get off the breast. One time, I brought home seafood pasta, (She's allergic to shellfish.), she asked if there's shrimp in it. Her mood turned sour and she called out my husband for it telling that we're not allowed to bring shrimp at home. She asked their aunt (who she treats as a maid) to sterilize ALL the utensils in the kitchen. Btw, I used only 1 fork and I ate the pasta in a disposable container. There are lots of encounter and I can't really tell which is the worst! Currently, we got a place of our own and I cut ties with my husband's family. They're not allowed to see my son who is their only apo. I know for a fact that my mother in law is talking trash together with her daughter. I kinda feel bad for my father in law. He's been nothing but genuine but I was traumatized by the actions of his daughter and I don't wanna maintain a relationship with any of them. It's been almost 2 months but my anger never dissipates. I wanna hurt her so bad so it was a good idea that I left without saying a word and never returned. I'm usually a forgiving person!

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They're the ones who benefitted the most from mg mat benefit. Pera ko, pera nila. Which is for me sobrang nakakasama ng loob, knowing na may mga iba naman silang anak na kayang kaya mag provide for their needs pero hindi eh. They don't ask help from their other children. as in kinuha nila lahat ng pang needs nila sa matben which is dapat para sa babies ko. They took advantage of the fact na I'm on my maternity leave and I can't handle the expenses at the time which is si hubby muna may hawak ng budget. Btw, pinagsisiksikan sila ng mga kapatid ni hubby samin during my labor days kaya wala akong nagawa. And worst, they made us suffer a huge debt and til now binabayaran pa rin namin tapos lakas mangonsensya ng mga kapatid niya na wala kami masustento sa kanila. Wow. Just wow.

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Worst was the fact that they are the family of my husband. They are too bastos and insensitive. Imagine, they never dropped by our house and talked to my family during our wedding in my hometown. They were there for 4 days at a hotel and my mom was the one arranged everything for them. They never reached out to my family. Until now, they are nothing but a big pain in the neck.

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My decision to resign and be a SAHM. They said it's hard to be a single income family (to which I agree). But what can I do, we can't find a trusted nanny. I asked her (MIL) if she can take care of our baby and she said she can't.

I think my worst na ay yung sa pag breastfeed ko. Sinasabi kasi nila na bakit daw hindi mataba si baby, baka daw wala nakukuhang gatas sa akin. Deadma lang ako, pero sinabihan ko si hubby na kausapin nya nanay nya.

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bat ganyan mga mother in law noh ayaw nila n mg pa breastfeed tayu eh subrang napakasustansya nun para s baby..

Ung feeling na nilalayo nila ang anakko sa akin sobrang sakit. Hanggang ngaun dq malaman qng bakit sila ganon sa akin most especially sa biyanan qng babae

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yung nag away kming mag asawa, tpos sumali xa sa away namin. Parang lalo lang lumala

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Yung lahat nlang pinupuna