What was your baby's first solid food?

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Try this po 6months up LIKE & SUBSCRIBE.TIA ▪︎CHAYOTE & CARROT(1) https://youtu.be/GdsAYkL2K70 ▪︎SQUASH , CARROT , RICE(2) https://youtu.be/v_sKbqC7NRM ▪︎SQUASH , CHAYOTE , RICE(3) https://youtu.be/aCcCQRoTn6E ▪︎SQUASH & MORINGA(4) https://youtu.be/Y5hNWPNV6qI ▪︎SQUASH(5) https://youtu.be/DY0KqchjC4s ▪︎BOTTLE GOURD(UPO)(6) https://youtu.be/quIo8j5Hz3I ▪︎CARROTS(7) https://youtu.be/05v3xjyFJqk ▪︎BANANA(8) https://youtu.be/_drb4SAb1vE ▪︎BEANS(9) https://youtu.be/s_xwxl2WxP4 ▪︎CHAYOTE(10) https://youtu.be/ScKDeANSWGk ▪︎CUCUMBER & PEAR(11) https://youtu.be/9_YiFCfKhk0 ▪︎APPLE(12) https://youtu.be/bnP4qiMH7pU ▪︎ PEAR(13) https://youtu.be/-dXJk9Kbss4 ▪︎APPLE,CARROT,SQUASH,RICE (14) https://youtu.be/bRTPzORRwtE ▪︎BANANA,APPLE,RICE(15) https://youtu.be/qDwRDfwrlK0 ▪︎PEAR & CARROT(16) https://youtu.be/NrhIZ3R1Tf4 ▪︎BANANA PUREE(17) https://youtu.be/mCb503nzxBU ▪︎KALABASA & SAYOTE(18) https://youtu.be/XjNzqminqPY ▪︎PAPAYA(19) https://youtu.be/uYmEvXiiyO0 ▪︎KALABASA , CAULIFLOWER , PATATAS , KANIN(20) https://youtu.be/CzROzhjeUuE ▪︎APPLE , CAULIFLOWER , RICE(21) https://youtu.be/pna92P7v20c ▪︎CAULIFLOWER(22) https://youtu.be/AUiXnXhGWOA ▪︎SINGKAMAS(23) https://youtu.be/PSppRQZu1pY ▪︎RICE WITH BEANS(24) https://youtu.be/lelB9O2vBxY ▪︎UPO,PAPAYA,SINGKAMAS(25) https://youtu.be/5OlBvbspTW4 ▪︎SINGKAMAS & UBAS(26) https://youtu.be/OTQqwYvwlhg ▪︎SAGING & SINGKAMAS(27) https://youtu.be/7aWXWhlLvHY ▪︎UPO & SAGING(28) https://youtu.be/9oBaZHLgRlQ ▪︎CARROT & APPLE(29) https://youtu.be/M9B6GSo2jK8 ▪︎CARROT & POTATO(30) https://youtu.be/Se3laUFMVj0 ▪︎MANSANAS , PONKAN , SAGING(31) https://youtu.be/i7XoIXgUa4I ▪︎APPLE , CARROT , PONKAN(32) https://youtu.be/vFEFw4iJS0I ▪︎SAGING , PONKAN , PERAS(33) https://youtu.be/S6J5kzLXDa0 ▪︎SQUASH , CARROT , CHAYOTE , RICE (34) https://youtu.be/7dpChJ3e03k ▪︎PONKAN & BANANA(35) https://youtu.be/qrn7V--U0Iw ▪︎SQUASH , CARROT , BEANS(36) https://youtu.be/i4oeyfIwa4M ▪︎SQUASH & BEANS(37) https://youtu.be/Q47XCM4thfk ▪︎KAMOTE(38) https://youtu.be/gB_-0TPSvJk ▪︎STRAWBERRY , BANANA , PONKAN(39) https://youtu.be/y2vmqDzafN0 ▪︎BEANS , CHAYOTE , RICE , SQUASH(40) https://youtu.be/l8KLPYdUews ▪︎MANGGA & PIPINO(41) https://youtu.be/CvwzxkvazWA

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Avocado, mashed fruits and veggies, no sugar or salt

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Steamed carrots and then sayote from tinola

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my baby's very first food is banana 😊

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Mashed potato with breastmilk.

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Mashed avocado with breastmilk


mashed potato with breastmilk

Avocado + breastmilk

3y ago

Thank you❤️


mashed potato with my bm

Mine is Mash potato po.