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What age do u start bathing your LO twice? I bathe my LO every morning only as she is 4 months old but keep perspiring. When can i start bathing my LO at night too? (Twice a day)

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I started to bathe my boy twice a day since he was 2 months old. Once in the morning abt 8ish and in the late noon/early evening between 5.30 to 6.30pm. Bath times are his fave part of the day and i love a clean and nice smelling baby!

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There's no rule for this so totally up to you, if you feel bathing twice is necessary then why not, 4 months is not too young. I bathe my girl twice a day because she loves playing with water so much haha.

2y ago

Thank you! Shall try it soon 😊

I personally feel bathing babies more than once will cause them to loose their natural oils and cause dry skin.. Best to bathe once and maybe just do a wipe down before bedtime..

2y ago

Thats what i thought so too. Cos i personally heard from many mummies the same thing as you!

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Since newborn, cause spore weather very hot. But evening time i will bath around 5pm not too late so baby wouldnt catch cold

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started bathing my LOs twice after a couple of months

Twice a day since back from hospital

mine bathed twice daily since birth

Since 4mths plus