What do you think about redshirting your child for primary school? Do I have the option of delaying my child's primary school education for a year (i.e. starting primary sch at age of 8)?

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my sister was sent to school at the age of 6 - she wanted to study and the preparation allowed. In my opinion, age limits for education (both school and colleges) should not be mandatory. And I believe that we should focus exclusively on the child's ability. You can read more about this here https://uk.bestessays.com/buy-assignment-online.html

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I would not want to delay in for my child either. If I have too ill opt for home schooling which is a way better option. You don't want the child to be academically, socially and psychologically behind. Its not healthy. The child will be the one who has to face it not us. Please do think through.

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I will not delay as i am not a good teacher to my kids. I want them to know and experience a school scenario and routine. Besides, if i were to delay them in going into a school, others may have already adapted into the routine whereas my child would have to take a even longer time to adapt.

There must be a super good reason to defer primary school in Singapore. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Socially and psychologically, it's not too good for a child to be different, kids can be cruel. https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/education-system/compulsory-education/deferment

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Personally I'm thinking in the context of high speed learning in primary schools nowadays. Rather than forcing my kid to catch up with peers, i am of view to delay his school as an alternative.

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You can do homeschooling? And agree with Yuna, would not let my child undergo being different and then stigmatized. What's the purpose of wanting to delay enrolment?

Have you considered homeschooling?