Hi mummies When do you give your baby supermarket whole milk?

Do you feed baby formula milk for those 2 years and up (toddlers)? My friend formula fed her child FM until primary school. Apparently there are milk for catered for older children. Please advise. Just want to know because I think I can't be feeding formula milk till my child is till primary school and they are not cheap too. #adviceplease #newmom

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Actually it’s up to baby’s acceptance. I tried giving packet milk when she is 1, but baby had bad constipation despite trying a few brands, end up I switch to formula (she was on bm before that). Now she’s 27m, I tried giving packet milk but she rejected….😫💸 My younger siblings (6 & 8) are still on formula milk (Pediasure)….

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babies don't need any form of milk after 1 year old as they can get the same nutrients from solids. you don't have to waste money on formula for sure.

thanks 🙏🏼